Your Vrtual
Living Room
Your Virtual Living Room

Watch TV with friends, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. You can stream your: camera, computer screen, or a Desktop Vision computer to your virtual living room's tv. That means you and your far away friends can watch the game, the latest episode of that series, or your favorite movie together.

Easily Connect

Your virtual living room is built for VR, but friends can visit using any device: mobile, desktop, VR headsets, or AR devices. All they need is a modern web browser.

On any device

Invite up to 9 friends to spend time with you in your virtual living room by sharing a private link with them.

Be recognizable
Friendly Faces
Powered by Wolf3D's Ready Player Me avatars, each of your friends can have an avatar that is generated by a selfie and looks just like them to create an even more immersive experience.
Bring Your Squad Over
Enter room now
Invite some friends to your couch.
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